Download Source Code Foswiki 2.0.1

Foswiki Development Team is announcing that Foswiki with version number 2.0.1 is already available to download.

What is Foswiki ?

Foswiki is A wiki platform coded in the Perl programming language, a powerful tool for online collaboration between teams, communities or businesses .

Foswiki is a mature platform for deploying your sites, communities or Web projects.Because of its wiki-specific build and support for real-time editing, Foswiki is a great tool for a group of people working on projects where information is freely exchanged between them.Foswiki allows them to create pages and share data, allowing everyone in the team to edit the page and contribute with their own thoughts and experience.You’re probably familiar with the Wikipedia experience by now. This is what Foswiki enables, but in a more controlled environment where you or your technical department are in charge of who and how accesses the wiki.Foswiki can be a real valuable asset, being ideal for public or private project pages, business support, FAQ or Q&A sites, or even with fully-blown Intranet portal installations.Installation instructions are provided with Foswiki, along with access to a repository of hundreds of Foswiki extensions to customize the platform to whatever is needed.

This is changelog for Foswiki version 2.0.1 :

  • Major new Foswiki release
  • Hundreds enhancements relative to 1.1.9
  • Incorporates 49 “Feature proposals”
  • After in-depth security review, improvements made in 15 areas.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Foswiki - Foswiki comes with a powerful user login & registration included out of the boxFoswiki - Once logged in, a Foswiki installation looks like any other wiki, with editing controls at handFoswiki - Foswiki comes with an index page where all topics are listedFoswiki - Editing a page is done with the help of a WYSIWYG editorFoswiki - Users can even attach forms or files to a Foswiki pageFoswiki - For each page, Foswiki users have access to a revision & history sectionFoswiki - Foswiki also comes with a page where all site-wide changes are listedFoswiki - Another great Foswiki feature is its built-in search functionalityFoswiki - A statistics module is also included with FoswikiFoswiki - Foswiki users also have access to their own profile page

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