Download Source Code Framework7 1.0.7

Vladimir Kharlampidi is announcing that Framework7 with version number 1.0.7 is already available to download.

What is Framework7 ?

Framework7 is A framework for building HTML 5 apps for iOS7 devices packed with lots of great features, controls, and ready-made UI components .

Framework7, also known as F7, is actually a collection of methods and widgets that can easily and quickly be put together to allow developers to create a simple app for iOS7 devices.The app runs on JavaScript and HTML 5, instead of the native Objective-C platform.This allows developers without Objective-C knowledge to pierce the iOS wall and launch apps without having to spend weeks or months training in such a dedicated, closed-loop language like Objective-C.Another great Framework7 feature is its no dependency build, which allows it to work with or without complex JS frameworks like MooTools, Backbone, AngularJS, or jQuery loaded.This gives it a broader usage spectrum and a lighter codebase at the same time.

This is changelog for Framework7 version 1.0.7 :

  • New component that allows you to create custom overlay pickers which looks like iOS native picker
  • New component, touch optimized calendar that provides an easy way to handle dates
  • New component. Cards, along with List View, is a one more great way to contain and orginize your information
  • New component. Swiper is a powerful and most modern touch slider ever with super flexible configuration and lot, lot of features

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Framework7 - Framework7 is a powerful framework for building HTML 5 apps for iOS7 devicesFramework7 - Framework7 supports simple modal windowsFramework7 - Alerts and prompt messages can also be displayed with Framework7Framework7 - Popovers can be easily added to any elementFramework7 - F7 can also show simple tabbed panelsFramework7 - Side panels are also supported with F7Framework7 - Various list display styles can be recreated via Framework7Framework7 - To delete something, Framework7 engages a swipe to delete mechanismFramework7 - Basic styles for all form elements are includedFramework7 - Framework7 comes with its own grid systemFramework7 - Developers have a set of preloaders to choose from when working with F7Framework7 - Various menu styles, header and footer bars are supportedFramework7 - These can also be hidden

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