Download Source Code Framework7 1.2.0

Vladimir Kharlampidi is announcing that Framework7 with version number 1.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Framework7 ?

Framework7 is A framework for building HTML 5 apps for iOS7 devices packed with lots of great features, controls, and ready-made UI components .

Framework7, also known as F7, is actually a collection of methods and widgets that can easily and quickly be put together to allow developers to create a simple app for iOS7 devices.The app runs on JavaScript and HTML 5, instead of the native Objective-C platform.This allows developers without Objective-C knowledge to pierce the iOS wall and launch apps without having to spend weeks or months training in such a dedicated, closed-loop language like Objective-C.Another great Framework7 feature is its no dependency build, which allows it to work with or without complex JS frameworks like MooTools, Backbone, AngularJS, or jQuery loaded.This gives it a broader usage spectrum and a lighter codebase at the same time.

This is changelog for Framework7 version 1.2.0 :

  • New full featured Material theme designed according to Google guidelines
  • New Material-specific App’ parameters
  • New CSS files structure
  • Kitchen Sink has been splitted into two platform specific Kitchen Sinks

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Framework7 - Framework7 is a powerful framework for building HTML 5 apps for iOS7 devicesFramework7 - Framework7 supports simple modal windowsFramework7 - Alerts and prompt messages can also be displayed with Framework7Framework7 - Popovers can be easily added to any elementFramework7 - F7 can also show simple tabbed panelsFramework7 - Side panels are also supported with F7Framework7 - Various list display styles can be recreated via Framework7Framework7 - To delete something, Framework7 engages a swipe to delete mechanismFramework7 - Basic styles for all form elements are includedFramework7 - Framework7 comes with its own grid systemFramework7 - Developers have a set of preloaders to choose from when working with F7Framework7 - Various menu styles, header and footer bars are supportedFramework7 - These can also be hidden

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