Download Source Code Froxlor 0.9.34

is announcing that Froxlor with version number 0.9.34 is already available to download.

What is Froxlor ?

Froxlor is A powerful customer service and server management platform, the first tool to install when you want to go into the Web hosting business .

Written in PHP, Froxlor works on all POSIX-like systems and is an ideal tool if you’re an Web hosting provider.Froxlor uses individual access levels to separate server owners from resellers and their customers.Each has access to a separate dashboard, with controls and options to suit his status.Besides basic server management tools and settings, webmasters can also provide support to their clients via a built-in ticketing system, send out newsletters and even use the internal messaging system to carry out individual, private conversations.Froxlor is a powerful solution, not as complete as the famous cPanel suite, but suitable enough.

This is changelog for Froxlor version 0.9.34 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Froxlor - As with any professional Web script, Froxlor comes with a powerful installation wizardFroxlor - For webmasters, a special dashboard is availableFroxlor - Hosting providers can manage their clients with FroxlorFroxlor - Individual customer settings can be customized in depthFroxlor - Multiple Web domains can be managed with FroxlorFroxlor - For each domain a plethora of settings can be customizedFroxlor - Unlimited provider admin accounts can be added with FroxlorFroxlor - Each admin's profile can be changed individuallyFroxlor - Traffic reports for customer accounts can be reviewedFroxlor - A configuration generator is available for various Froxlor supported toolsFroxlor - Froxlor automatically generates a sample config and allows the webmaster to customize themFroxlor - Various other settings can be added for hosted serversFroxlor - IPs and assigned ports can be managed with FroxlorFroxlor - Editing IP/port details is also supportedFroxlor - Froxlor provides a quick review of all active cronjobsFroxlor - Email templates can be added for automated email notificationsFroxlor - To help with debugging, Froxlor supports system-wide logging featuresFroxlor - An internal messaging system is packed with Froxlor for letting admins and users talk to each otherFroxlor - A ticketing center is included with Froxlor by defaultFroxlor - Admins or customers can open various tickets for various problemsFroxlor - If you manage lots of tickets, some of them can be archived when not needed anymoreFroxlor - Tickets can be assigned per categoriesFroxlor - The user can quickly manage his profile's password with Froxlor with the push of a buttonFroxlor - Froxlor also supports various translated interface languagesFroxlor - Backend themes are also supported with FroxlorFroxlor - Customers see a different dashboard within their Froxlor accountsFroxlor - Inside these dashboards they can manage their databasesFroxlor - Customers can also create multiple FTP accounts as wellFroxlor - Sub-domains can also be managed via the Froxlor customer dashboardFroxlor - Extra directory protection measures can be added as wellFroxlor - Customers can check in-depth traffic stats for their Froxlor accounts

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