Download Source Code Furatto 3.1.0

Icalia Labs is announcing that Furatto with version number 3.1.0 is already available to download.

What is Furatto ?

Furatto is A simple, yet powerful frontend UI CSS framework, modeled around the trendy hollow design style made famous by the iOS7 interface .

Furatto does not only include a basic CSS style guide, but comes complete with lots of JS-powered UI widgets as well.All of these will serve as a basic wireframe on which to build your apps and websites.Of course, keeping in tune with the times, Furatto is responsive and can be used on mobile devices as well.Included components:DatepickerToolbarModalCarouselTooltipGrid systemIconsNavbarLabelBadgeAlert barTablesTypographyButtonFormImage frame

This is changelog for Furatto version 3.1.0 :

  • Added:
  • Variables for input focus border color
  • Variables for input file width
  • Support better for Google maps

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Furatto - Furatto includes a navbar componentFuratto - Furatto includes support for various badge and label typesFuratto - Furatto includes support for various alert message typesFuratto - Furatto includes a date picker componentFuratto - Furatto includes a toolbar componentFuratto - Furatto includes an image slider componentFuratto - Furatto includes a modal window componentFuratto - Furatto includes support for form validationFuratto - Furatto includes lots of button stylesFuratto - Furatto includes a tooltip component

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