Download Source Code Furtive 2.2.3

John Otander is announcing that Furtive with version number 2.2.3 is already available to download.

What is Furtive ?

Furtive is A responsive CSS micro-framework developed specifically for building user interfaces on mobile devices, but with desktop support included as well .

Furtive was built mainly for building Web pages and Web apps that need to render on mobile devices first and foremost.Yes it is responsive, and yes it can display properly on desktop devices, but that’s not its primary feature.Since bandwidth usage is important on the mobile market, the framework is quite small and only covers the basic elements usually utilized on HTML pages.This means there are no built-in frontend components like in Bootstrap, but developers will find all the basic styles for typography, forms, and button elements.It is important mentioning that Furtive won’t work on really old browsers, focusing on the most recently launched software and technologies.This also includes support for lots of SVG graphics, the CSS3 flexbox property, and almost no vendor prefixes.There’s a sample page demonstrating all of Furtive’s features and components included with the framework’s download package.

This is changelog for Furtive version 2.2.3 :

  • Added red buttons.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Furtive - Furtive comes packed with its own grid systemFurtive - A small button pack is also included with Furtive as wellFurtive - Default styles for form, table, and typography elements are also includedFurtive - Classes for default color schemes are includedFurtive - ... so are for borders

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