Download Source Code GoCart 3.2015.11.09

Clear Sky Designs is announcing that GoCart with version number 3.2015.11.09 is already available to download.

What is GoCart ?

GoCart is .

Because the store’s base is built on CodeIgniter you can rest assured most security loopholes are covered and protected against, while also the underlying codebase is well documented and easy to edit using the framework’s documentation and design patterns. GoCart can be used from small to large stores, allowing the admin unrestricted and total control over his store’s behavior and the product catalog. GoCart was created from the get-go to be easy to adapt to any requirements, allowing it to work for physical or digital products the same, all regardless of the store’s domain of activity. The entire GoCart platform is easy to setup, migrate or adapt, so you can rest assured it won’t get in your way when you need some customizations done.

This is changelog for GoCart version 3.2015.11.09 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

GoCart - GoCart utilizes a simple installation screen to help admins setup the storeGoCart - Once everything up and running, the backend login screen can be accessedGoCart - A special dashboard is available for all store administratorsGoCart - All current orders will be listed in a specialized area in the GoCart dashboardGoCart - Customers are also managed separately from GoCart admin usersGoCart - Various customer details are recorded with each entryGoCart - Customers can also be organized in various groupsGoCart - Various discounts can be applied by default for a GoCart customer groupGoCart - GoCart also ships with its own reports and statistics centerGoCart - GoCart can also manage an unlimited amount of discount couponsGoCart - For each coupon, various options can be managedGoCart - GoCart can also manage gift cardsGoCart - Various details can be added per created gift cardGoCart - Overall gift card settings can be managed as wellGoCart - Products can be organized in multiple GoCart categoriesGoCart - screenshot #16GoCart - GoCart includes a very powerful product catalog managerGoCart - For each product, lots of details can be edited, along with category datam images, and related productsGoCart - screenshot #19GoCart - screenshot #20GoCart - screenshot #21GoCart - screenshot #22GoCart - GoCart includes special support for managing digital downloadable products as wellGoCart - screenshot #24GoCart - Static HTML pages can also be managed inside the GoCart admin panelGoCart - screenshot #26GoCart - Banners, ads and slideshows can be managed inside the GoCart administration panelGoCart - screenshot #28GoCart - Details and optional settings can be added on a per-banner basisGoCart - A dedicated page is included in the GoCart backend where store overall details can be changedGoCart - GoCart includes support for multiple shipping methodsGoCart - GoCart also includes support for multiple payment gatewaysGoCart - Predefined email notifications can be managed from the backend as wellGoCart - screenshot #34GoCart - In the store frontend, the product catalog can be navigated on a category basisGoCart - ForGoCarteach product a special page is created, listing all the necessary purchase infoGoCart - A shopping cart utility is included by default with all GoCart themes

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