Download Source Code Gogs Beta

The Gogs Authors is announcing that Gogs with version number Beta is already available to download.

What is Gogs ?

Gogs is A fully-functional source code hosting platform working on Git, an advanced GitHub clone coded in Google’s Go programming language .

Gogs stands for “Go Git Service”, and is a fully-customizable GitHub clone that will allow you, your team members, and even other users to host source code projects on a third-party, remote Git servers.Users will have to register and confirm their accounts, but once logged in they’ll be able to easily create new repositories, new organizations, and even import new projects.The user dashboard also lets them customize various account details specific to each user’s preferences, and the entire Gogs system comes with l10n support so you can also translate & run it in various languages.Each user has access to a personal dashboard, where notifications for followed projects are shown, and activity alerts for his current projects are displayed.There are also personal user profile pages where the repos of each author are listed, and a general repository exploration page.Admins can manage various Gogs settings from the application’s administration panel, a place where they can turn on or off various of its features.As a webmaster you can run Gogs in conjunction with an SQLite3, PostgreSQL, or MySQL database, and the service also works on all three major operating systems.Just like on GitHub, Gogs comes with its own repository pages, source code viewing and editing capabilities, a user-friendly commits viewer, and a fully-functional issues tracker for reporting and fixing bugs.You can host any type of files you like on Gogs, and you can also enable social sign-in accounts as well.And as a final note, there’s also built-in support for SSH, HTTPS, SMTP, LDAP, Drone CI, Gravatar, and reverse proxy authentication.

This is changelog for Gogs version Beta :

  • Bug fixes:
  • Inline code markdown with leading hash is rendered as issue index
  • Non-logged users can view organization page when REQUIRE_SIGNIN_VIEW = true
  • New release button is always available to everyone

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Gogs - Gogs is a fully-functional GitHub clone coded in GoGogs - There are profile pages, repo pages, an issues tracker, and multi-repo hostingGogs - Developers can view in-depth commits, issues, and releases for each projectGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogsGogs

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