Download Source Code Group-Office 6.1.43

Merijn Schering is announcing that Group-Office with version number 6.1.43 is already available to download.

What is Group-Office ?

Group-Office is A CRM and groupware suite containing a base system and different modules to help people collaborate on projects, tasks, businesses and more .

Group-Office is the perfect application for hosting companies, corporate environments or large Intranets.This is because Group-Office is just a basic CRM boilerplate on which different modules can be installed and uninstalled at will.This means webmasters can add or remove modules based on project requirements, customizing the system to suit needed features for any kind of business venture or type.While the professional version of Group-Office might seem really enticing, the free version, even if lacking in features compared to its counterpart, is still a lot better than most of the free CRM alternatives today.Add this to the information to the fact that Group-Office was updated constantly in recent years and you have a solid and stable system on which you can build your company’s CRM and fallback on an active community and well-supported professional edition if something ever goes wrong.

This is changelog for Group-Office version 6.1.43 :

  • Send multiple download links at once
  • Permissions on start page announcements so visibility can be controlled
  • Easy link checkbox to link e-mail conversations to a contact directly
  • Contact photo’s are shown in e-mail and can be set much more easily with download URL’s.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Group-Office - Group-Office comes with a comprehensive settings pageGroup-Office - Group-Office also includes an address book utilityGroup-Office - Multiple projects can be managed with Group-OfficeGroup-Office - Group-Office includes a timesheet managerGroup-Office - A support ticketing system is included with Group-OfficeGroup-Office - A task manager is also present in Group-OfficeGroup-Office - A calendar utility is included with Group-OfficeGroup-Office - Group-Office users have access to a file browserGroup-Office - A billing and payments center is included with Group-OfficeGroup-Office - At first login, the Group-Office dashboard appears

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