Download Source Code HAML 4.0.7 / 4.1.0.beta.1

Haml Development Team is announcing that HAML with version number 4.0.7 / 4.1.0.beta.1 is already available to download.

What is HAML ?

HAML is A markup language and specialized compiler for easily writing and templating, and prototyping HTML code with the aid of a new, dynamic syntax .

HAML stands for HTML Abstraction Markup Language.HAML was created for Ruby developers with the intent of providing a faster way of writing HTML code in one go.It’s not only a very complex, yet simple to read markup language, but a compiler at the same time, taking the HAML syntax, the developer’s entered content, and outputting it as HTML code.HAML is basically a template engine that merges content, placeholders, and HTML tags in one single file / place.For CSS, SASS/SCSS does the same thing as HAML does for HTML. SASS is bundled with all HAML installations by default.

This is changelog for HAML version 4.0.7 / 4.1.0.beta.1 :

  • Fixed haml_concat appending unescaped HTML after a call to haml_tag.
  • Fix for bug whereby when HAML :ugly option is “true”, ActionView::Helpers::CaptureHelper::capture returns the whole view buffer when passed a block that returns nothing.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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