Download Source Code HTML5 LightBox 5.1

Magic Hills is announcing that HTML5 LightBox with version number 5.1 is already available to download.

What is HTML5 LightBox ?

HTML5 LightBox is A cross-platform jQuery plugin for showing images and videos inside modal windows, with support for a large array of file formats .

The HTML5 LightBox plugin is a classic modal windowing script taking full advantage of the new HTML 5 standard in building a versatile, fully-customizable lightbox image and video viewer.As most lightboxes, the content is presented inside a small box floating above the rest of the page, while dimming the background to control the user’s focus.Images, videos and HTML content can be displayed inside the modal, in single or grouped sets.Any type of image format can be used for the image viewer, while the video lightbox supports remote YouTube or Vimeo videos, and local SWF, FLV, MP4, M4V, OGG, OGV, and WebM files.HTML5 LightBox works with all major desktop and mobile browsers, and is also easy to skin via CSS.

This is changelog for HTML5 LightBox version 5.1 :

  • Add an option to disable/enable touch swipe
  • Fix a minor bug of displaying div

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

HTML5 LightBox - HTML5 LightBox can be used in showcasing images inside a modalHTML5 LightBox - YouTube or Vimeo videos can be added as wellHTML5 LightBox - Images or videos can be grouped together and navigated via side arrowsHTML5 LightBox - Local MP4 or SWF movie clips can be displayed inside the HTML5 LightBox modals alsoHTML5 LightBoxHTML5 LightBox - HTML content and Web pages can be added to a HTML5 LightBox

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