Download Source Code ICPennyBid 4.00

ICloudCenter is announcing that ICPennyBid with version number 4.00 is already available to download.

What is ICPennyBid ?

ICPennyBid is A PHP and MySQL script to setup and run an auction website where users can bid on their favorite products and win if nobody out-bids them .

Even if auction scripts are off the past and rarely you see an auction website outside Amazon or eBay, you can still try and challenge them with ICPennyBid.As with any other auction website, users can register, search through the live auctions and add a bid for their favorite items.If nobody bids higher than them, they can pay for the product and download or request shipment for it.On the other side, admins have access to a powerful dashboard where they can create bids, manage live auctions and ban infringing users.All is automated and the admin panel should provide a user-friendly tool, even for non-technical webmasters.

This is changelog for ICPennyBid version 4.00 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ICPennyBid - ICPennyBid comes with an easy to use administration panelICPennyBid - Various auction settings can be setup and tweaked from the backendICPennyBid - ICPennyBid is a multi-lingual systemICPennyBid - Auction preferences like currency, date formats and other related details can be tweakedICPennyBid - ICPennyBid supports frontend themesICPennyBid - Other theme layout settings can be tweaked with ICPennyBid as wellICPennyBid - ICPennyBid includes a user management systemICPennyBid - For each user or admin, his details can be edited in the ICPennyBid dashboardICPennyBid - A newsletter module is included with ICPennyBidICPennyBid - ICPennyBid admins can ban desired IPsICPennyBid - Bid packages can be setup with ICPennyBidICPennyBid - Bids can be organized in categoriesICPennyBid - The admin can view all the current and past auctions in the ICPennyBid backendICPennyBid - The admin can view open auctions and bids in the ICPennyBid backendICPennyBid - The admin can view closed auctions and bids in the ICPennyBid backendICPennyBid - Each auction's details can be edited by an adminICPennyBid - A blog module is also included for publishing various articles and newsICPennyBid - On the frontend, all current bids are listedICPennyBid - On every product's auction page, users can add their own bid with easeICPennyBid - For each user, a history of all current and past bids and auctions is recorded

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