Download Source Code ImpressPages CMS 4.6.3

ImpressPages LTD. is announcing that ImpressPages CMS with version number 4.6.3 is already available to download.

What is ImpressPages CMS ?

ImpressPages CMS is A PHP CMS (content management system) created around the idea of editing content right where it stands, using a simple drag & drop interface .

While it looks, walks, and talks like a CMS, ImpressPages is more of a “PHP framework with a content editor”, as it describes itself on its website. But we’ll call it a CMS regardless.ImpressPages is a very user friendly interface, one of those tools you use when dealing with an absolute experience user that can easily get confused by the complex backend interfaces of CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress.This CMS is an efficient tool to create and manage websites using a very intuitive WYSYWG editor. It combines both drag & drop gestures with dynamic, content-aware popups, showing the appropriate management controls based on the content being edited.The ImpressPages CMS is definitely a tool to deploy on first-time CMS clients, making to Web technologies much easier and less intimidating.And and top of this, there are plugins and themes to extend default functionality even more.

This is changelog for ImpressPages CMS version 4.6.3 :

  • gecko_spellcheck true in tinyMCE config by default
  • Smaller paddings / margins in admin when window is smaller than 1000px
  • Now supporting Config.slotImageQuality setting. Can be manually added to the storage table
  • Updated translations

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ImpressPages CMS - A simple installation wizard will help developers setup ImpressPages CMS on their serversImpressPages CMS - Once everything installed correctly, the admin can authenticate with his credentialsImpressPages CMS - After logging in, the admin is treated with an inline editing experienceImpressPages CMS - A file uploader is included with ImpressPages CMS by defaultImpressPages CMS - Logo details can be edited via the ImpressPages CMS UIImpressPages CMS - Embedded images can be edited as wellImpressPages CMS - Normal downloadable files can be uploaded and embedded in the content as wellImpressPages CMS - Editors can also embed local or remote videos on the site as wellImpressPages CMS - A simple visual form builder is included with ImpressPages CMS alsoImpressPages CMS - Managing menus and pages is done from a special section in the backendImpressPages CMS - Menu option and page details can be tweaked in depthImpressPages CMS - ImpressPages is a multi-lingual CMSImpressPages CMS - A drop-down admin menu is provided, accessible from the frontend and the backendImpressPages CMS - ImpressPages CMS can be easily styled using pre-built themesImpressPages CMS - Each theme can be edited even in more depthImpressPages CMS - Default ImpressPages CMS functionality can be extended by installing pluginsImpressPages CMS - Lots of other CMS settings can be tweaked from the ImpressPages config sectionImpressPages CMS - A system status page will help webmasters keep their CMS always updatedImpressPages CMS - User accounts can be created and shared with other personsImpressPages CMS - Any user action is logged via the ImpressPages CMS backendImpressPages CMS - Emails are also logged with the ImpressPages CMSImpressPages CMS - If the visual editor doesn't really appeal to you, a raw HTML editing experience is also supported

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