Download Source Code Insignia 4.4.0

Nicolas Bevacqua is announcing that Insignia with version number 4.4.0 is already available to download.

What is Insignia ?

Insignia is A tag entry system that takes a list of words and converts them to pills (boxes), highlighting each term so it can be identified with ease later on .

Insignia is a classic tag entry component coded entire in JavaScript, skinnable via CSS, and with pretty good cross-browser support.The component is lightweight when it comes to file size, and comes with keyboard navigation, automatically removing the tag box when the text caret is near a keyword.Developers can use custom delimiters for the tags, Insignia working with spaces, commas, dots, and about anything else you can think off.Users can enter tags in two forms, either by typing them one letter at a time and the component detecting delimiters and creating the tag. Or by copy pasting large blocks of text, and letting Insignia parse the text, detect the delimiters, and create the tags all at once.Insignia samples and usage instructions are included with the download package.

This is changelog for Insignia version 4.4.0 :

  • Introduced custom render method
  • Introduced custom readTag method

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Insignia - Insignia is a JavaScript component for powering your tag input fields

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