Download Source Code International Telephone Input 6.0.8

Jack O’Connor is announcing that International Telephone Input with version number 6.0.8 is already available to download.

What is International Telephone Input ?

International Telephone Input is A jQuery plugin for simplifying the process of entering international phone numbers, with support for country flags, prefixes and input masking .

The International Telephone Input widget is an enhanced input field which lets users easily enter an international phone number.The user can utilize the dropdown selector to choose the country of which phone number to enter, this operation automatically filling in that country’s proper phone number prefix along the way.He can then move on to entering the actual phone number, process assisted by an input masking system that prevents in from entering more characters than needed, limiting him to a numbers input only, and also properly formatting the phone number to be easier to read.Support is included for all countries and their proper prefixes and showing country flags for each of the country in the dropdown list.International Telephone Input installation instructions are provided with the package’s README file, just in case you want to modify anything inside the widget’s behavior.The International Telephone Input plugin package comes with a demo to show developers how it can be implemented.

This is changelog for International Telephone Input version 6.0.8 :

  • If set defaultCountry=auto and use jquery-cookie plugin, then store the loaded country code in a cookie for future use.
  • Other bug fixes.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

International Telephone Input - The International Telephone Input plugin helps users easily input telephone numbers with the right prefixInternational Telephone Input - Input masking is also supported, preventing users from entering too many characters

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