Download Source Code JointJS 0.9.4

David Durman is announcing that JointJS with version number 0.9.4 is already available to download.

What is JointJS ?

JointJS is A JavaScript library for creating diagrams in the browser, rendering complex charts, graphs and organigrams with the help of SVG .

JointJS allows developers to define diagram structures with the help of JavaScript code.Joint’s code is parsed at page load by the browser, which then interprets and renders it inside the browser with the help of SVG graphics.The diagrams it produces are fully interactive and come with drag and drop support for nodes and lines, letting users adjust their output and move them around, adding or removing items.Any type of structure can be created and rendered, developers being limited by their own imagination.There’s support for custom color choices, showing elements at various sizes, SVG exporting, zooming in and out, and even a wide collection of built-in shapes and lines.This latter feature makes deploying a diagram out of the box much easier and faster, letting developers focus on stylistic modifications at other times.

This is changelog for JointJS version 0.9.4 :

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

JointJS - Creating a diagram with Joint, with drag and drop supportJointJS - Overlapping elements/nodesJointJS - Overlapping linesJointJS - Dragging lines between elements

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