Download Source Code jqModal r26 (1.4.1)

is announcing that jqModal with version number r26 (1.4.1) is already available to download.

What is jqModal ?

jqModal is A lightweight jQuery plugin to display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a Web browser, floating above the rest of the page .

jqModal is a bare-bones modal windowing system for the jQuery JavaScript framework where style is thrown aside for functionality, control, and features.While other similar plugins try to provide a good looking modal windowing system out of the box, jqModal provides a pretty basic CSS style, and lets other developers use their own style if they want for their projects.The interface is minimal, but underneath, jqModal comes packed with lots of features and fully-configurable settings to let programmers adapt the modal’s behavior to whatever they need implemented with their sites.Examples are included with the download package.

This is changelog for jqModal version r26 (1.4.1) :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

jqModal - jqModal can be used to build simplistic modal windowsjqModal - jqModal supports modal window themeing via CSSjqModal - Multiple modals can be shown on the page at the same time

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