Download Source Code jQuery.floatThead 1.2.13

Misha Koryak is announcing that with version number 1.2.13 is already available to download.

What is ?

is A jQuery plugin which allows developers to make a table header stay in a fixed position above the table rows, always remaining visible on screen .

jQuery.floatThead is an implementation of the classic fixed positioning technique for HTML tables.The plugin works by taking the <thead> table row (the table’s header) and adding a fixed positioning CSS rule, allowing it to remain in a sticky position as the user scrolls up or down the table.This way the table column header is always visible, allowing users to see what kind of data they’re viewing when scrolling large data grids.jQuery.floatThead also takes into account that the table header needs to stay visible only while the table itself is visible on screen and automatically removes the fixed positioning when the table goes off screen.jQuery.floatThead includes built-in support for DataTables integration, responsive layouts, Bootstrap 3, inner-scrolling tables, and both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

This is changelog for version 1.2.13 :

  • Code stabilization for responsive tables and destroy bug fixes.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

jQuery.floatThead - jQuery.floatThead allows developers to make a table header stay in a fixed position above the table rowsjQuery.floatThead - As the user scrolls down the table, the header row will always be visible no matter what

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