Download Source Code jQuery.textcomplete 0.7.0

Yuku Takahashi is announcing that jQuery.textcomplete with version number 0.7.0 is already available to download.

What is jQuery.textcomplete ?

jQuery.textcomplete is An open source, lightweight jQuery plugin to support input suggestions and text auto-completion for classic form textarea fields .

jQuery.textcomplete is very customizable and allows developers to create custom auto-completion systems.It allows them to setup a custom trigger mechanism, which can be any character and be used for suggesting smileys, tags, normal text, or even create a Twitter and GitHub-like @username mentioning system.The developer is also in full control over what suggestions will appear in the drop-down suggestion list, taking content from a local or remote source.And to customize the autocomplete’s dropdown behavior even more, lots of callbacks are included, all detailed in the plugin’s README file.A simple demo is included with the jQuery.textcomplete package.

This is changelog for jQuery.textcomplete version 0.7.0 :

  • Support giving a function which returns a regexp to match option for dynamic matching.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

jQuery.textcomplete - jQuery.textcomplete can be used to create a simple text autocomplete systemjQuery.textcomplete - It works for emoticons, HTML elements, normal text, or even @username mentioning systemsjQuery.textcomplete

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