Download Source Code jQuery UI Slider Pips 1.10.6

Simon Goellner is announcing that jQuery UI Slider Pips with version number 1.10.6 is already available to download.

What is jQuery UI Slider Pips ?

jQuery UI Slider Pips is A jQuery plugin to enhance the built-in jQuery UI slider with new features, with the most obvious one being small gradations (pips) on the slider’s bar .

jQuery UI Slider Pips comes with a set of features that improve the already powerful jQuery UI slider widget.While the improvements address UI & UX related issues, they are very useful especially in interfaces where the user needs more control and more hints on how he can affect and change the data using a slider.The main improvements added by the Slider Pips plugin is:- support for showing a tooltip (label) while dragging the slider, the label showing the current selection’s value- support for adding small gradations, or pips, feature that gives the plugin its name- support for adding small custom labels to the pips- support for pip highlightingAll of these are fully supported with all of the other jQuery UI slider features, like its support for drag steps, drag limits, responsive layouts, i18n, vertical sliders, and the ability to work with custom UI skins.Examples and usage instructions are included with the jQuery UI Slider Pips download package.

This is changelog for jQuery UI Slider Pips version 1.10.6 :

  • Fixed a small bug with floats & labels.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

jQuery UI Slider Pips - jQuery UI Slider Pips transforms basic jQuery UI sliders into more complex elementsjQuery UI Slider Pips - Various slider types can be built using this jQuery pluginjQuery UI Slider Pips - Vertical sliders are also supported with jQuery UI Slider PipsjQuery UI Slider Pips - Customizations to the slider's UI can be made at will

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