Download Source Code Justified Gallery 3.6.0

Miro Mannino is announcing that Justified Gallery with version number 3.6.0 is already available to download.

What is Justified Gallery ?

Justified Gallery is A simple jQuery plugin that takes a collection of photos and displays them closely to each other in a tightly knit grid-like photo wall .

Justified Gallery is a great product to have around whenever needing to show a large set of images.This plugin will eliminate whitespace as much as possible by creating a well woven image grid out of the provided photos.Galleries created with the Justified Gallery plugin are also viewport-sensible, rearranging their layout every time the browser is resized.Photos will always display at an acceptable view size, not cropping the image or showing thumbnails so small on mobile devices that you’d barely be able to tap on them.Lots of configurations are available, so be sure to check out the provided demos. There’s even a lightbox integration, so you can view Justified Gallery images inside a modal window.

This is changelog for Justified Gallery version 3.6.0 :

  • Sort (works also with infinite scroll)
  • Filter (works also with infinite scroll)
  • Randomize images now works also with infinite scroll
  • Text entries (i.e. without images) support

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Justified Gallery - Justified Gallery takes a list of images and assembles them into an interactive photo wallJustified Gallery - Developers can control image sizes inside the Justified Gallery layoutsJustified Gallery - Images can additionally be integrated with lightbox scripts if needed

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