Download Source Code KeystoneJS 0.3.13

Jed Watson is announcing that KeystoneJS with version number 0.3.13 is already available to download.

What is KeystoneJS ?

KeystoneJS is A Node.js CMS built to work on top of Express and MongoDB environments, helping webmasters easily create websites with the help of a visual interface .

KeystoneJS (or just Keystone) brings the great features of CMSs to the world of Node.js, allowing developers and end-users alike to easily create and manage websites using a centralized administration panel.Built to work with MongoDB databases only, Keystone uses the Mongoose ODM to interact with the database, to store and retrieve data whenever needed.The CMS itself is quite small when it comes to file size, is extremely easy to deploy, just like any other Express app, and comes with plenty of documentation to help new users out.Keystone can be used for any type of project, both MongoDB and Node.js being known to handle huge traffic and server loads with ease.This doesn’t mean small sites can’t be built with it also, Keystone being also ideal for one-page or simple portfolio sites as well.

This is changelog for KeystoneJS version 0.3.13 :

  • Fixed:
  • Missing less variable for react-select was breaking the LESS>CSS build.
  • The missing line numbers in CodeMirror are back again.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

KeystoneJS - KeystoneJS comes with a password protected admin panelKeystoneJS - A dashboard provides easy access to all of Keystone's administration optionsKeystoneJS - A blogging module is packed in with KeystoneJS by defaultKeystoneJS - Changing content on the site is done via a simple WYSIWYG editing experienceKeystoneJS - Blog posts can be organized in categoriesKeystoneJS - KeystoneJS users can also create and manage image galleriesKeystoneJSKeystoneJS - Form inquiries are all logged in the backendKeystoneJS - KeystoneJS also includes a simple user management featureKeystoneJS - Editing the details of each user is also supported with the Keystone CMSKeystoneJS - Custom data fields can be created via the KeystoneJS admin panelKeystoneJSKeystoneJS - Keystone also comes with a default theme to help users get started on their sites

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