Download Source Code Kotti 1.1.4

Daniel Nouri is announcing that Kotti with version number 1.1.4 is already available to download.

What is Kotti ?

Kotti is A lightweight content management system (CMS) written in Python that can help webmasters easily setup their sites within minutes .

Kotti can run on any database supported by SQLAlchemy and can easily be configured with the help of INI files.It is a CMS with a small codebase, but capable of handling large scale projects with ease.This is thanks to its support for custom content types, multi-database environments, and internationalized projects.As with most CMSs these days, Kotti also includes an administration panel from where content can be added and later edited.Instructions on how to install and use can be found in the project’s README file.

This is changelog for Kotti version 1.1.4 :

  • Updated scaffold’s README file.
  • Fixed broken multifile upload.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Kotti - The admin dashboard helps webmasters manage their siteKotti - WYSIWYG content editing is included with the Kotti CMSKotti - Kotti can help developers manage the user baseKottiKottiKottiKottiKottiKottiKotti

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