Download Source Code linkurious.js 1.3.0

Linkurious SAS is announcing that linkurious.js with version number 1.3.0 is already available to download.

What is linkurious.js ?

linkurious.js is .

linkurious.js is based on sigma.js, an open source HTML5 graph drawing engine. The library uses the HTML5 canvas element to draw the graphs, but also includes experimental WebGL and SVG rendering support. linkurious.js can be used to create interactive graphs that allow users to move, select, and highlight nodes and edges in real-time. Both mouse and keyboard input modes are supported, along with touch-based interactions. Various graph animation types are supported, along with a “camera” feature that lets developers control the view zoom and angle based on the user’s current interactions. Graphs can be embedded anywhere on the page, or even shown in fullscreen mode (via HTML5). Tooltips are shown when hovering various graph elements, and filters can be added to remove unwanted clutter. Graphs can also be exported in various formats, ranging from CSV and Gephi, to Excel and various image formats. If the developer wants more functionality from his toolkit, a plugin system lets him write his own code. Besides the GPL license, commercial licenses are also available.

This is changelog for linkurious.js version 1.3.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

linkurious.js - linkurious.js can be used to build various types of node and graph structures

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