Download Source Code Magix CMS 2.6.0

Aurelien Gerits is announcing that Magix CMS with version number 2.6.0 is already available to download.

What is Magix CMS ?

Magix CMS is A pretty modern and well-crafted CMS built for PHP5, allowing non-technical users to build their own sites, blogs, or online stores .

Magix CMS is a simple website builder, a tool that lets users create, publish, and later on manage a website via a graphical visual interface.Coded to work on top of technologies like PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Smarty, and the GD library, Magix is both simple to use, and very fast at the same time.An installation wizard is included with every Magix CMS package, helping developers setup the CMS and its database with just a few clicks, and an administrative panel is included as well, where all the management operations will take place.The backend is created with the help of the Bootstrap frontend framework, supporting responsive layouts and access via mobile devices.It’s greatest feature is the way Magix CMS handles multi-lingual content, helping webmasters easily publish sites in more than one language, without making a mess in the administration panel.Themes and plugins provide another customizability level, letting admins choose what features they can turn on, and how the frontend will look like.

This is changelog for Magix CMS version 2.6.0 :

  • Plugin API optimization.
  • User roles management.
  • User access management.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Magix CMS - As with most CMSs these days, Magix CMS includes an easy to use installerMagix CMS - Admin credentials are set during the installation processMagix CMS - Once everything setup, access the link to enter your administration panelMagix CMS - Once logged in, the dashboard is where you can start editing your content fromMagix CMS - Magix CMS can be used in creating and editing classic static HTML pagesMagix CMS - For all content editing tasks, a WYSIWYG component is includedMagix CMS - Besides the WYSIWYG editor, a live preview tool is included alsoMagix CMS - A statistics center is included to help get a grasp on what's popular on the site and what's notMagix CMS - Blog or news entries can be managed with Magix CMS alsoMagix CMSMagix CMSMagix CMSMagix CMSMagix CMS - A store section can also be setup to help users sell their productsMagix CMSMagix CMSMagix CMS - Various configuration options are available in the Magix CMS backendMagix CMS - Site-wide WYSIWYG editing settings can be editedMagix CMS - Image sizes for various website sections and plugins can be adjustedMagix CMS - Magix CMS also includes a cache management utilityMagix CMS - A simple user management tool is included with the CMSMagix CMSMagix CMS - The frontend of the site can be changed with the help of Magix CMS themesMagix CMS - Magix CMS supports building a pretty configurable multi-lingual websiteMagix CMS - Utilities are included that can integrate Magix CMS with various services and toolsMagix CMSMagix CMSMagix CMS - Magix CMS supports various plugins (included with the base distribution by default)Magix CMSMagix CMS

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