Download Source Code Mailpile 0.5.1

Mailpile Development Team is announcing that Mailpile with version number 0.5.1 is already available to download.

What is Mailpile ?

Mailpile is A beautiful self-hosted email client written in Python, with lots of features and a big focus on mail message security and privacy .

Mailpile is what email should be these days. No ads, no NSA intrusions, private, fast and well-organized. Unfortunately email is not like this everywhere.Started out as a crowd-funded project and with a specific goal of ending intrusions in our email accounts, Mailpile will allow developers to host an email client either on their own computers or on an online server where only a selected group of people have access to.Even if the code is written in Python and sometimes ran from a meager laptop, users can access Mailpile using any browser they like and still get a pretty fast application.The client works and looks beautifully, benefiting from the latest HTML5 design trends, UX patterns and using a classic inbox UI that most email services these days are abandoning for some weird nested-prioritized-convo-threaded-bla-bla designs that make following a discussion harder than it should be.On top of this, OpenPGP signatures and email data encryption are standard features, so your email inbox is always protected from prying eyes, even if the PC where Mailpile runs from is stolen or broken into.As you can see, quite different from today’s World where the NSA practically lives in your Gmail or Yahoo accounts, and your personal emails could easily be shared on social networks by some employee having a bad day.If you value your privacy more than anything else, than the Mailpile project is something you should be keeping an eye on in the future.

This is changelog for Mailpile version 0.5.1 :

  • Good instructions for bad key handling.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Mailpile - The Mailpile inbox looks just like any other regular email clientMailpile - Reading an email is easy, just click on it and it will open in full viewMailpile - An email composer is also included with the Mailpile Web clientMailpile - Mailpile includes a contacts agenda where all email correspondents are listedMailpile - For each contact a brief statistics page is createdMailpile - Emails can be tagged and organized in various groups based on their contentMailpile - Creating a new tag is very easy with MailpileMailpile - A profile and settings page is also included for making various changes to the Mailpile core

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