Download Source Code mermaid 0.5.1

Knut Sveidqvist is announcing that mermaid with version number 0.5.1 is already available to download.

What is mermaid ?

mermaid is A JavaScript library that generates images of flow charts and diagrams after parsing simple instructions from inside a Markdown file .

mermaid simplifies the process of creating flow charts and diagrams by providing developers with a self-contained library that lets them easily render these kinds of graphs without the use of Visio or any other kind of desktop software.Developers can simply pass the structure of their diagrams inside a Markdown file and the library will plot out an image with the desired chart.While mermaid might require you to learn a new syntax for this task, it is not as complicated as you might expect and even non-technical users will be able to render some basic diagrams within minutes.The syntax gives you complete control over the diagram’s type, direction, nodes, lines, and each element’s text.mermaid can be used as a regular JS library or from the Node.js command-line interface.

This is changelog for mermaid version 0.5.1 :

  • Support for Gantt diagrams
  • Yet more forgiving syntax for flow charts regarding spaces around links
  • Default mermaid.css included as well as less structure for simple theming

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

mermaid - mermaid takes the content of a Markdown file and converts it into a flow chart image

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