Download Source Code Metro UI CSS 3.0.6

Sergey Pimenov is announcing that Metro UI CSS with version number 3.0.6 is already available to download.

What is Metro UI CSS ?

Metro UI CSS is A modern CSS framework for creating websites that look like the Windows 8 Metro interfaces, ideal for developing Web apps for that specific platform .

The Metro UI CSS framework is written in LESS and compiled to CSS.It comes with all the utilities needed to control the page’s layout, and some extra built-in UI components.These will aid in the creation of any Web app you want to build, hoping that you want them to look like the indistinguishable Windows 8 style.A demo is included with the download package.The framework is tested and working with IE9+, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Built in components:Tile layoutsNotification messagesDefault typography elementsPreset form elementsCool image gallery and images displayLots of button stylesDate and time pickersBasic table stylesTab panelsWizardsAccordionsBreadcrumb menusNavbarsRating widgetCarousels and slidersCustom scroll barsTree view elementsSteppersPanelsModal windows

This is changelog for Metro UI CSS version 3.0.6 :

  • Compatible with AngularJS
  • Full code refactoring
  • Declarative approach to the definition of components
  • Framework itself monitors components, pressure via Ajax

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Metro UI CSS - Windows 8 start page inspired layoutMetro UI CSS - Form elements are included with the Metro UI CSS framework alsoMetro UI CSS - Metro UI CSS comes with a nifty way to display imagesMetro UI CSS - A component for showing notification messages is includedMetro UI CSS - A basic button pack is included with Metro UI CSS if ever needed

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