Download Source Code Microweber 1.0.3

Microweber Development Team is announcing that Microweber with version number 1.0.3 is already available to download.

What is Microweber ?

Microweber is A new generation PHP & MySQL Content Management System (CMS), packed with lots of default modules, including a powerful online store .

Microweber is one of those CMSs that you can tell they were created recently, because there are no remnant features from older versions, no out-dated functionality and no modules that look out of place in 2005, let alone 2010+.It boasts all the cool features you want your CMS to have, with mobile support and lots of drag&drop editing.Microweber is a CMS at its core, but because it comes packed with so many modules by default, you can easily miscategorize it as an online shop, blog, Intranet or Web portal very easily.As you can see, it was built to adapt, not only to project requirements, but to mobile devices and small screens as well.The CMS is a modern project for developing new websites, complete with a pretty cool on-page editor that makes changing content on your site a breeze.There is also support for themes, multi-user accounts, e-commerce transactions, site translations, and many other more.

This is changelog for Microweber version 1.0.3 :

  • Website content creation gallery
  • Online Shop, Clients, Orders
  • Live Edit View
  • Website Settings & Navigation

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Microweber - Microweber uses an installation wizard to help users set it upMicroweber - Microweber also comes with a password-protected admin panelMicroweber - Once logged in for the first time, a tutorial will help you out learn the website structureMicroweber - The Website section allows easy access to various content editing featuresMicroweber - Users can edit content using a combination between classic WYSIWYG and in-place editorsMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweberMicroweber

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