Download Source Code miniBB 3.1.1

is announcing that miniBB with version number 3.1.1 is already available to download.

What is miniBB ?

miniBB is An open source forum software, a simplistic message board script written in PHP & MySQL to be used to build an online community on .

miniBB stands for “mini bulletin board”.miniBB ain’t phpBB or vBulletin, but a much more simplified forum script, a tool that actually puts the emphasis on discussions, rather than graphics, the UI and shinny buttons.miniBB is suitable for smaller websites with smaller communities, where discussions don’t go over thousand and thousands of threads. Even if miniBB can handle organizing these discussions, handling the traffic and large userbase might be a little of a stretch for this smaller system.This forum is just ideal for smaller customer support services, benefiting from a quick registration process and a very fast way to start discussions.In case you test it out and don’t find the needed functionality, don’t forget to check out miniBB’s website for free and/or paid add-ons.

This is changelog for miniBB version 3.1.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

miniBB - miniBB comes with an automated installation process to help out programmers deploy the forumminiBB - Once miniBB installed, the admin can easily log in the administration panelminiBB - Inside the admin panel, he can start adding forumsminiBB - The admin can also search through the miniBB userbaseminiBB - Once a user found, he can review his activityminiBB - Infringing users can be added to a ban listminiBB - Entire users profiles can easily be deleted from the forum databaseminiBB - The admin also has the option to remove emails from the notifications centerminiBB - Emails and usernames can be exported for usage with other scripts or softwareminiBB - The admin panel is where most moderation and management options can be foundminiBB - On the frontpage of the forum, recent topics are displayed on the left, while the forums are on the rightminiBB - Inside a forum, all its topics are displayed verticallyminiBB - Users can easily join the conversation inside a discussion threadminiBB - Users and administrators can review forum usage statistics via a special pageminiBB - miniBB also comes packed with a comprehensive search toolminiBB - Once results are found, they are listed under the search fieldminiBB - miniBB also ships with an easy to use registration formminiBB - Users have the ability of editing their own profiles

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