Download Source Code Moqui 1.5.3

David E. Jones is announcing that Moqui with version number 1.5.3 is already available to download.

What is Moqui ?

Moqui is .

Moqui was created with the purpose of simplifying the task of putting a user interface together. While there are many UI frameworks around, most of them are written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and require lots of code adaption to work together with other programming languages. Moqui makes all the proper changes to jQuery UI & Bootstrap, providing Groovy and Java developers with a ready-made, free set of UI components which they can manipulate and move around to create their own user interfaces, regardless of the application type and structure they’re working on. Besides the UI part, Moqui also comes with some enterprise-ready components that automatically handle database interactions, Web service interactions, forms, access rights, permissions, localization, caching, searching, and so on. This makes Moqui much more adequate to the job than a Bootstrap framework, providing lots of built-in, enterprise-ready functionality that any other classic UI framework would never be able to provide.

This is changelog for Moqui version 1.5.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Moqui - Moqui is a simple UI framework for easily prototyping Web appsMoqui - Various layouts and widgets are included with Moqui, simplifying the task of building frontends and backendsMoqui - The Moqui interface is based on a combination between jQuery UI and BootstrapMoqui - screenshot #4Moqui - screenshot #5

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