Download Source Code MUI 0.1.21

Andres Morey is announcing that MUI with version number 0.1.21 is already available to download.

What is MUI ?

MUI is A multi-purpose frontend UI framework developed for creating Web, mobile, and email templates based on Google’s Material Design specifications .

MUI was coded in HTML, JS, and CSS, but also comes in special versions for working with Facebook’s React framework, the new WebComponents standard, and for specifically designing email templates.The framework is not yet fully done, still being under development, but aims at providing a wide range of UI components and UX patterns that can easily be deployed to live applications and get projects quickly off the ground.MUI’s code is prefixed to avoid mixups with other CSS, the core’s size is still quite small, and there are no dependencies on large JavaScript frameworks like jQuery or MooTools.A few ready-made components are included right now with the framework, like button packs, dropdowns, navbars, panels, etc., but there are also basic visual styles for elements like forms, tables, and other typographic items.The default Google Material Design color palette is also present, being included as a simple SASS mixin.Check out the included demo and documentation.

This is changelog for MUI version 0.1.21 :

  • Removed configurable prfx in favor of explicit ‘mui-‘
  • Prepended ‘mui-‘ to SASS variable names

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

MUI - MUI provides basic styles for various UI elements, styles based on Google's Material Design guidelinesMUI - From forms to tables, from typography elements to navbars, many UI elements are supportedMUI - MUI also comes with support for the basic Material Design color palettes

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