Download Source Code MVCSS 4.0.15

MVCSS Developer Team is announcing that MVCSS with version number 4.0.15 is already available to download.

What is MVCSS ?

MVCSS is A CSS framework coded in SASS, created especially for handling large scale projects where the size of CSS can get overwhelming if not well organized .

Heavily inspired by OOCSS, MVCSS provides another way of writing “object-oriented” CSS. MVCSS is more of a true CSS framework than a frontend UI starter kit, providing a collection of methods, functions and recommendations on how to write efficient SASS code.By organizing code so it can be reused in more ways than one, MVCSS allows developers to write and maintain less code, even if their application boasts tens or hundreds of page templates.Utilizing MVCSS in such cases is recommended, not only because its easier to maintain, but because the amount of CSS needed for a project is kept at a low number by always reusing and combining style classes.MVCSS is coded in SASS and compiled to CSS after the application has been created. If you don’t like writing SASS code, just compile it to CSS from the beginning and write your code in plain CSS instead of SASS.MVCSS comes with its own styleguide and a collection of Sass modules/helpers and JavaScript (CoffeeScript) components.

This is changelog for MVCSS version 4.0.15 :

  • Updated reset to Normalize v3.0.3

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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