Download Source Code N2 CMS 2.9.1

N2 CMS Development Team is announcing that N2 CMS with version number 2.9.1 is already available to download.

What is N2 CMS ?

N2 CMS is .

N2 is a lightweight CMS framework to help you build great web sites that anyone can update. N2 is based on ASP.NET features such as membership providers and existing web controls sitemap. It also introduces a number of data binding utilities designed to simplify the introduction of content onto the ASPX page template. The edit interface is quite easy to use, even for the less technically savy. The edit mode provides an overview in a tree pane and preview in another pane. This mode enables complete administration of the web site without relying on the templates. There is a mode where page parts can be dropped onto zones directly on the page. Existing parts can also be dragged around and sorted. Content can be edited directly while navigating the site. Pages can also be created and deleted without entering edit mode. While this isn’t as powerful as the edit mode it’s an easy way to manage content. Besides helping to edit and bind data to templates N2 also makes it very easy to define content and do stuff with it programmatically. N2 allows separation between the model and the presentation. The database only contains content data. The model is defined in code using inheritance and attributes. The presentation is done using ASP.NET.

This is changelog for N2 CMS version 2.9.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

N2 CMS - N2 CMS uses an on-page editing systemN2 CMS - Classic editing can also be usedN2 CMS - The N2 CMS dashboard provides a summary of all recent activityN2 CMS - General site settings can be edited with easeN2 CMS - A fine-grained user permissions system is includedN2 CMS - Import/Export settings are also provided with N2N2 CMS - N2 supports multi-lingual contentN2 CMS - A file browser is also packed with N2 CMSN2 CMS - Page templates can be edited with N2, and the admin panel can be skinned with different themes

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