Download Source Code ng-admin 0.8.0

marmelab is announcing that ng-admin with version number 0.8.0 is already available to download.

What is ng-admin ?

ng-admin is An application for adding an AngularJS admin interface to RESTful APIs, complete with support for responsive UIs and CRUD operations .

ng-admin, or Angular admin, is a JavaScript application created to help developers interact with data structures delivered through RESTful APIs.This application adds a visual interface created using AngularJS on top of any REST API, allowing users to easily manage its content.This is done through supporting basic CRUD operations and using the Restangular API interfacing library which allows it to work with REST APIs written in Ruby, PHP, Java, Scala, Node.js, Python, and ASP.NET.The GUI is fully responsive and uses a minimal Bootstrap style, coming packed with support for lots of widget types.

This is changelog for ng-admin version 0.8.0 :

  • Hide empty option in choice field
  • Fix relative baseApiUrl gets doubled in the URL
  • Fix accept type in file field
  • Fix accordion effect on sidebar menu

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ng-admin - ng-admin is a visual interface for RESTful APIs coded in AngularJSng-admin - It provides ways to list, edit, delete, and view contentng-admin - The interface is made using AngularJS and Bootstrapng-adminng-adminng-admin

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