Download Source Code ngToast 1.5.5

Tamer Aydin is announcing that ngToast with version number 1.5.5 is already available to download.

What is ngToast ?

ngToast is An AngularJS plugin for showing toast notifications, simple popups that convey various messages to visitors accessing a website .

ngToast implements the “toast” UI pattern, a simplistic method for showing user feedback using temporary, floating messages.Also known as “growl” messages or just notifications, toast messages provide a simple way of letting the user known if his action was successful or something went wrong.These messages can be of different kinds, ngToast supporting all the notification types included with the Bootstrap UI framework (in its alert component).Messages can be shown only for a small period of time, but they can also be made sticky, requiring users to dismiss them manually by pressing the “close” button.ngToast messages can also be placed in any corner of the screen, position which can be changed via the plugin’s available parameters.Examples and usage instructions are included with the plugin’s download package.

This is changelog for ngToast version 1.5.5 :

  • IE8 improvements
  • Sync to latest Bootstrap version

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ngToast - ngToast lets developers show simple notifications on a Web page via AngularJS

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