Download Source Code Nymph 1.4.3

Hunter Perrin is announcing that Nymph with version number 1.4.3 is already available to download.

What is Nymph ?

Nymph is A database ORM that can be used with both PHP and JavaScript (Node.js) projects, simplifying the task of interacting with a local or remote database .

Nymph uses its own query language called BTSQL (Better Than SQL) which allows developers to easily run complex queries but without having to write too many lines of code.While this is a promising factor to make you take a look at Nymph, keep in mind that a totally new philosophy and way of working needs to be learned when opting to use this ORM.Of course there are many advantages as well, like dual support for dealing with both PHP and/or JavaScript objects, support for JavaScript promises (async support), on-demand loading for lesser database traffic, a more human-readable query syntax, RequireJS and RequirePHP support, and the ability to easily scale the code along with the underlying infrastructure.But in our opinion, the best Nymph feature is its support for automatically creating database tables the first time a new class is instantiated, feature that allows developers to use it in both production and development environments, allowing them to easily setup their applications without having to constantly spend countless minutes setting up backend code.

This is changelog for Nymph version 1.4.3 :

  • Multiple PubSub servers in a network.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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