Download Source Code OpenNote 15.07.00

Jacob Liscom is announcing that OpenNote with version number 15.07.00 is already available to download.

What is OpenNote ?

OpenNote is A free PHP application for storing and organizing notes, tasks, events, to-dos and other personal details in a secure and safe way .

OpenNote tries to mimic the features of applications like Evernote and OneNote, letting users easily create, edit, organize and delete notes using a visual interface. OpenNote is self-hosted, so you’ll need a PHP server to have it up and running, together with a MySQL or SQLite database to store all your notes, folders, and various other details.The frontend part of OpenNote is created on top of a AngularJS app, meaning most of the interactions are AJAX-based, run pretty quickly and are also easy to customize.Since most of the data is stored on your own resources, your personal information is truly safe from the prying eyes of various government institutions.So if you’re one of those Web privacy nuts, OpenNote will provide you with a safe heaven to keep your notes, schedules and personal agenda without having to trust another Web service “not to share” it with anyone else.All in all, the application can be quite useful, especially since the dashboard is also responsive, allowing you to access it via your smartphone and tablet at the same time.

This is changelog for OpenNote version 15.07.00 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

OpenNote - OpenNote provides a visual installation assistantOpenNote - Once everything setup, users can register or loginOpenNoteOpenNoteOpenNote - The first time they access the OneNote dashboard, users will be invited to create new contentOpenNote - First, folders need to be addedOpenNote - An unlimited number of (nested) folders can be addedOpenNote - After that, users can start adding their notes and tasksOpenNote - Folders are green, tasks are blueOpenNote - Tasks can also be viewed individuallyOpenNote - A tutorial is also included to help new users get acquainted to their OneNote installationOpenNote - A powerful search page is also included for finding desired terms in your folders and notesOpenNote - OneNote comes with support for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices

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