Download Source Code Orion 10.0

Eclipse Foundation is announcing that Orion with version number 10.0 is already available to download.

What is Orion ?

Orion is .

To deploy Orion you need to understand the concepts behind it. Orion started as a simple source code editing JavaScript app that has since expanded into a fully blown code hosting and editing platform. To do this, it has expanded from a client-side solution to a server-side tool. So basically today Orion is a server package that allows users to host and manage coding-related projects, and a separate JavaScript library (the original Orion), now known as the client. If this feature is only the one you need, you can still use the original Orion client package to provide code editing features with your other Web-based projects. But if you need a system to host, easily manage and deploy your projects, the Orion server package is what we heartily recommend when coding your future projects. The server package comes with various automated deploy packages for various operating systems and architectures you might be running, helping you set it up on your local or production machine with ease. Once setup, login on Orion and start adding projects, files, folders and Git repositories. From here on out the Orion interface is pretty simple even for newbie developers and will help you out with tips as you add your projects and files.

This is changelog for Orion version 10.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Orion - Orion can be used as a complex source code project tracker and hosting toolOrion - Orion allows users to add files, folders and edit their content with easeOrion - The editing functionality is tweakable thanks to the Orion code editor's featuresOrion - A Web-based shell is also included with the Orion project managerOrion - Multiple projects can be managed with OrionOrion - Various project & file operations can be performed with OrionOrion - A settings panel and plugins are additionally supported as wellOrion - Git repositories can be created or cloned from existing projectsOrion - Multiple Git repositories can also be added and managed via OrionOrion - Access to full Git features is also available with the Orion coreOrion - For easier access and control, keyboard shortcuts are included with OrionOrion - A built-in search engine is packed with Orion

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