Download Source Code Padrino 0.12.5 / 0.13.0.beta3

Padrino Development Team is announcing that Padrino with version number 0.12.5 / 0.13.0.beta3 is already available to download.

What is Padrino ?

Padrino is A Ruby framework for developing modern Web applications, built on Sinatra for allowing programmers to build apps that Sinatra couldn’t handle itself .

Padrino can be considered a Sinatra evolution, a “what if?” experiment for Sinatra, if it ever decided to expand its codebase to support more advanced features.It still tries to be lightweight as Sinatra is, but adds some tools that improve basic features and allow developers to build slightly more complex applications that Sinatra would not be able to handle without extensions or extra code.This extra features also reduce development time, while making working with Padrino a lot more enjoyable than with Sinatra, mainly because of its built-in admin module inspired by Django.

This is changelog for Padrino version 0.12.5 / 0.13.0.beta3 :

  • NEW:
  • Added custom index option for form_for abstract form helper
  • Allow options Hash in protect_from_csrf

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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