Download Source Code Pancake 4.8.43

is announcing that Pancake with version number 4.8.43 is already available to download.

What is Pancake ?

Pancake is A very advanced customer relationship management application (CRM) that can be used in managing projects, billing clients, and sending out invoices .

Created specifically for developers, designers, and all sorts of freelancers, the Pancake CRM is a powerful tool to use when needing a better way of keeping track of projects, clients, and billing hours.Pancake will provide a password-protected dashboard which will help professionals setup projects, add clients, track the time spent on each project, and then issue invoices for their work.Additional support is also included for project proposals and estimates, along with a full-on ticketing center for already running projects.Pancake also comes with a very comprehensive and extended options panel, where each professional can customize the app’s settings and working mode according to its domain of activity and client types.Pancake can be adjusted to work with very large userbases, in case your using it for your company, or with smaller number of customers, in case you’re working from home all by yourself.This will help in providing the best experience for your clients, always keeping them in the loop, but also properly billing your work as well.

This is changelog for Pancake version 4.8.43 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Pancake - Pancake is password-protected against unauthorized accessPancake - The Pancake app dashboard features a short overview of all the recent activityPancake - Timesheet management is a basic Pancake app featurePancake - Invoices can easily be managed via a Pancake installationPancake - screenshot #5Pancake - screenshot #6Pancake - Invoice reminders can be sent via email to clients and customersPancake - For upcoming projects, estimates can be created and sent to clientsPancake - screenshot #9Pancake - Multiple projects can be established and managed via PancakePancake - screenshot #11Pancake - Expenses for each project and client can be tracked individuallyPancake - Project proposals can also be sent out to new clientsPancake - screenshot #14Pancake - Customers can also issue support tickets for their applicationsPancake - The admin can receive a report on how projects are goingPancake - Of course, the clientbase itself can be managed via PancakePancake - screenshot #18Pancake - Pancake users are separate entities from the clientbasePancake - screenshot #20Pancake - Lots of settings can be tweaked via the Pancake options panelPancake - screenshot #22Pancake - screenshot #23Pancake - screenshot #24Pancake - screenshot #25Pancake - screenshot #26Pancake - screenshot #27Pancake - screenshot #28Pancake - screenshot #29Pancake - screenshot #30Pancake - screenshot #31Pancake - screenshot #32Pancake - Pancake can also be extended via third-party pluginsPancake - Paid plugins are available via the Pancake store which can be accessed right from the Pancake backend

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