Download Source Code PencilBlue 0.4.1

PencilBlue, LLC. is announcing that PencilBlue with version number 0.4.1 is already available to download.

What is PencilBlue ?

PencilBlue is An open source Node.js and MongoDB CMS, complete with support for multi-user accounts, themes, plugins, and a powerful blogging utility .

PencilBlue will help developers take advantage of Node.js’ power and speed, providing them with an advanced toolkit that will help them build and manage websites using a visual interface.Built with modern client-side technologies like Bootstrap, AngularJS, and jQuery UI, PencilBlue can be used on both mobile and desktop browsers alike.This versatility addresses a need of accessibility required today from all modern products.The CMS itself is packed full of very useful features, letting developers manage everything on their site from the menu, to the content, and even the blog’s comments.And what’s not covered by the built-in features it can be added to the CMS via plugins.PencilBlue also ships with a default theme, but new themes can be created or installed to use a custom skin for any final product.

This is changelog for PencilBlue version 0.4.1 :

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Localization overhaul to include: localized routes for SEO, theme based localization key overrides, and parameterized keys

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PencilBlue - Once everything is installed correctly, the admin can create his account and ...PencilBlue - ... login on the site's backendPencilBlue - The first thing a PencilBlue admin sees is the site's dashboardPencilBlue - Admins can manage the site's navigational structure (menu)PencilBluePencilBlue - They can also manage the site's topics (categories)PencilBluePencilBlue - PencilBlue also comes with a simple page management section included as wellPencilBluePencilBluePencilBluePencilBluePencilBlue - Administrators also have access to a blogging utility as wellPencilBluePencilBlue - A file management utility is included to let users upload and add media files to their sitePencilBluePencilBlue - For the blog section, admins can moderate user-submitted commentsPencilBlue - Custom objects can be added to let users and admins enter and display custom data on the sitePencilBlue - PencilBlue can be extended with the help of pluginsPencilBluePencilBlue - Themes will help admins customize the site's frontendPencilBlue - The site logo can also easily be changed from the backendPencilBlue - PencilBlue also lets webmasters manage the site's userbase and individual user accountsPencilBluePencilBlue - Various site settings can be accessed and modified from the backendPencilBluePencilBluePencilBluePencilBlue - Users can register their own accounts from the frontendPencilBlue - A default, very minimal theme is included with the PencilBlue package

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