Download Source Code pgCluu 2.4

Darold Gilles is announcing that pgCluu with version number 2.4 is already available to download.

What is pgCluu ?

pgCluu is A professional Perl toolkit for tracking, collecting and displaying usage and performance statistics about PostgreSQL database clusters .

pgCluu is made of two main parts:- a collector for monitoring and auditing the database clusters and individual databases- a Web-based GUI for displaying all the information in a digestible mannerpgCluu can help database administrators keep an eye on the performance of their PostgreSQL databases, getting information about:- overall cluster performance- individual database statistics- cluster system (machine) utilizationIf you already have a database monitoring system in place like pgstats, sar, and sadc, then you can still use pgCluu. You can disable pgCluu’s collector and only plot out the data provided by those solutions.Overall pgCluu is easy to install, should work anywhere where Perl can be installed, and will provide a very in-depth look for your PostgreSQL servers.

This is changelog for pgCluu version 2.4 :

  • Report default parameters values set with ALTER DATABASE and ALTER ROLE in new menu item: “Database/Role Settings”.
  • Fix detection of disk device in sar file.
  • Add boot value to the settings report
  • Add Unit and Reset value in pg_settings report to highlight parameters where values have been changes outside the configuration file.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

pgCluu - pgCluu is a powerful server monitoring system for PostgreSQL databasespgCluu - Information can be shown for one or more databases (clusters)pgCluu - For each cluster, various settings are recorded and then plotted out via a chartpgCluu - Various parameters can also be tracked on the level of each database in turnpgCluu - Statistics for the pgBouncer connection pooling system can also be collectedpgCluu - pgCluu can also monitor, collect, and present server machine specific data as well

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