Download Source Code PHP Melody 2.5

PHPSugar, Inc. is announcing that PHP Melody with version number 2.5 is already available to download.

What is PHP Melody ?

PHP Melody is .

PHP Melody has been for many years the primary go-to tool when it comes to building video sharing and movie viewing sites. This utility features a top-level administration panel where webmasters can add content to their site or manage the content users upload via their frontend profiles. There are tools and features included for managing every aspect of the site, from the page layouts, to the video library, the published blog entries, the site’s pages, images, video categories, comments, user details, ads, and so on. You can rest assured everything is covered and the webmaster will be fully in control over his site. PHP Melody can be used in open or closed installations, meaning users must register and login to access the site, or they can view its content freely. Users can also share videos on various social networks, or admins can opt to use PHP Melody’s community building features and use an internal like and rating system, showing favorite or watched videos on the users’ own personal pages. And the best feature yet is that you can also use PHP Melody for live video streams as well, thanks to the RTMP support the platform comes with.

This is changelog for PHP Melody version 2.5 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PHP Melody - All PHP Melody installations are protected against unauthorized accessPHP Melody - All the site's content is managed from the backend administration panelPHP Melody - Admins have full access over the site's video repositoryPHP Melody - Each video's settings can be fine tuned individuallyPHP Melody - PHP Melody also comes with a YouTube importing option as wellPHP Melody - A blogging feature will also let admins post new articles on their video portal as wellPHP Melody - This is accompanied by a WYSIWYG editing experiencePHP Melody - Static pages can be managed in the same way as the blogsPHP Melody - All PHP Melody content can be organized in big or smaller categoriesPHP Melody - A comments moderation feature is available via the PHP Melody admin panelPHP Melody - The site's userbase is also manageable via the PHP Melody backendPHP Melody - For each user, lots of details can be fine tuned with PHP MelodyPHP Melody - PHP Melody also comes with a special section for managing the site's adsPHP Melody - Overall site statistics can be consulted in the PHP Melody "Statistics & Logs" sectionPHP Melody - Various site-wide options can be edited even further in the "Settings" sectionPHP Melody - Site layout settings can also be tweaked accordinglyPHP Melody - A sitemap generation utility is included with PHP MelodyPHP Melody - A small popup shortcut is available for quickly adding new videos to the sitePHP Melody - The PHP Melody frontend looks like a classic video sharing portalPHP Melody - The PHP Melody video pages look very similar to YouTube pages

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