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Arne Blankerts is announcing that phpDox with version number is already available to download.

What is phpDox ?

phpDox is A documentation generator for PHP, taking source code comments and arranging them into an HTML template that can guide new users through the application’s inner workings .

phpDox parses PHP code, extracts code comments and generates API documentation in HTML format.This can be very helpful in community-developed Web projects, where more then one person works with the source code and where a general style guide must be kept and permanently updated to help new users get acquainted with the previous work put in by other persons.phpDox is quite an old project, being more than battle-tested and regularly updated to new PHP releases and with new features.To create the documentation pages, phpDox uses technologies like DocBlock, XML, XSLT, PHP Parser, PHPMD, PHPUnit, and PHP_CodeSniffer.

This is changelog for phpDox version :

  • Updated Dependency (PHPParser 1.2.2, fDOMDocument 1.6.0)
  • PHP 7 compatibility changes
  • Added support for @var self and @return self
  • Preserve original name when alias is used

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

phpDox - phpDox comes with a project dashboard where various documentation details can be viewedphpDox - phpDox can be used to document PHP projects and separate the code into categoriesphpDox - Details about each file and methods can be read by usersphpDox - A project source code viewer is also includedphpDox

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