Download Source Code PHPtravels 4.9

PHPtravels Development Team is announcing that PHPtravels with version number 4.9 is already available to download.

What is PHPtravels ?

PHPtravels is .

Targeting an incredible small niche, PHPtravels is a script designed for travel agencies that want to move their operations online, helping them setup a fully-working hotel room booking system. PHPtravels lets users search hotels, check room availability, book a room for their desired time period, and then pay for it, all via a simple interface, that not only looks good, but is also very manageable and customizable via a specially crafted administration panel. Various accounts are available, for customers, for travel agents, and above all, for the site webmaster (admin). Anything on the PHPtravels website is customizable, from the frontend skin, to the active languages, available currencies, and not last, the hotels and rooms. If you can get past the fact you need a commercial license to run PHPtravels, the system can be of incredible help if you plan to sell vacations and trips online as well.

This is changelog for PHPtravels version 4.9 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PHPtravels - The PHPtravels admin panel is password-protectedPHPtravels - Once logged in, admins will see a recent summary of recent site updatesPHPtravels - Various PHPtravels settings can be edited from the backendPHPtravels - This includes payment gateways, frontend themes, social links, modules, ads, sliders, language, and localization settingsPHPtravels - screenshot #5PHPtravels - screenshot #6PHPtravels - screenshot #7PHPtravels - screenshot #8PHPtravels - screenshot #9PHPtravels - screenshot #10PHPtravels - screenshot #11PHPtravels - Static pages can also be edited, just like in any other normal CMSPHPtravels - screenshot #13PHPtravels - The site's menu is also editable via the PHPtravels admin panelPHPtravels - Customers and admin accounts can be managed via the backendPHPtravels - screenshot #16PHPtravels - In the PHPtravels backend, various hotel and room information can be edited using a simplistic interfacePHPtravels - screenshot #18PHPtravels - screenshot #19PHPtravels - screenshot #20PHPtravels - screenshot #21PHPtravels - To each PHPtravels installation, various supplements can be managed with each hotel & roomPHPtravels - screenshot #23PHPtravels - To-do lists, reviews, special offers, newsletters, and coupon codes can also be edited and managed via PHPtravelsPHPtravels - screenshot #25PHPtravels - screenshot #26PHPtravels - screenshot #27PHPtravels - screenshot #28PHPtravels - screenshot #29PHPtravels - Active bookings can be edited and removed via the plugin's backendPHPtravels - screenshot #31PHPtravels - The PHPtravels frontend comes with a very beautiful theme to get you startedPHPtravels - screenshot #33

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