Download Source Code PivotX 2.3.11

PivotX Development Team is announcing that PivotX with version number 2.3.11 is already available to download.

What is PivotX ?

PivotX is A CMS script that can work as a simple blog as well .

With lots of extensions, themes, modules and features, this is one of the best tools out there for easy site building, management and blogging.It’s built with other famous tools like jQuery, Smarty, TinyMCE, PHP and MySQL.

This is changelog for PivotX version 2.3.11 :

  • A file upload vulnerability and various XSS issues on the admin pages.
  • Bug fix in session cookie domain – any subdomain named “wwwX” (where X is any character) resulted in an invalid domain for the cookie.
  • Set UTF-8 for debug window (and also give it a title).

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PivotX - 1-step installation processPivotX - Login screenPivotX - Admin dashboardPivotX - General configurationPivotX - Advanced configurationPivotX - Listing usersPivotX - Blog categoriesPivotX - Multiple installations pagePivotX - Viewing registered usersPivotX - Maintenance operationsPivotX - Adding a blog entryPivotX - Listing blog entriesPivotX - Adding a new pagePivotX - Listing static pagesPivotX - Comment moderationPivotX - File managerPivotX - Template managementPivotX - Exploring filesPivotX - Editing a filePivotX - Widget managementPivotX - Default blog pagePivotX - Themeing, static pagePivotX - Tag searchPivotX - Viewing a blog entryPivotX - Search results

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