Download Source Code Politespace 0.1.5

Filament Group, Inc. is announcing that Politespace with version number 0.1.5 is already available to download.

What is Politespace ?

Politespace is A tiny jQuery plugin for supporting non-intrusive input masks and automatic text formatting for various form numeric input fields .

Politespace was specifically created to help format numbers entered inside an input field.The plugin works after the user has entered his number and will add spaces between the ciphers so the number is shown in the developer’s desired format.This is done when the user focuses out of the field.When the user re-focuses the input field all the spaces are removed and re-added when he’s done editing the number.Politespace can be used with both normal input fields and with textareas, and it allows developers to create their very own numbers display format.The plugin can be very useful for entering complex data like credit card numbers, bank accounts, ZIP codes, ID numbers, and so on.Examples and usage instructions are included with the Politespace download package.

This is changelog for Politespace version 0.1.5 :

  • Fixes bug with removal of spaces on focus.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Politespace - Politespace can add spaces inside a form field's input text, automatically formatting inputted text to specific rules

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