Download Source Code PrestaShop / / RC2

PrestaShop Development Team is announcing that PrestaShop with version number / / RC2 is already available to download.

What is PrestaShop ?

PrestaShop is A professional-grade e-commerce shopping cart software available for free, a well known, well established, and very stable platform to run your online stores on .

While Magento may still be considered the most mature e-commerce platform to date, PrestaShop is slowly rising through the ranks, thanks mainly to a dedicated community, a stable codebase, and a constant stream of updates to its underlying technologies.PrestaShop is not only easy to install, has pretty low requirement margins, but is also incredibly easy to manage and also comes with support for mobile and responsive layouts.The system can be integrated into any activity domain and help users build and manage any kind of online stores.The shop’s core is pretty agnostic, letting users add and manage any type of product or service, regardless of attributes or client base. This can be very helpful when building a store from the ground-up.PrestaShop also comes with demo content to help developers get started on their own shop implementation, and a lot of themes, add-ons, and documentation.

This is changelog for PrestaShop version / / RC2 :

  • Fixed bugs:
  • Save product list, last part
  • Save product list, first part

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PrestaShop - PrestaShop includes an easy to use installation wizardPrestaShop - The PrestaShop administration back-office is password protectedPrestaShop - The admin dashboard is where all management operations can be carried outPrestaShop - A product catalog management utility is packed by default with PrestaShopPrestaShop - Editing product info should be very easy to do with the new backendPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Products can also be organized in categories with PrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Suppliers and manufacturers can also be managed via PrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Orders can be managed via PrestaShop, along with invoices and other merchandise related infoPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Customer information can be stored in the shop backend, along with addresses, groups, contacts, titles and active shopping cart dataPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Lots of price management features are included with PrestaShop by defaultPrestaShopPrestaShop - A modules manager is included with the PrestaShop e-commerce systemPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - PrestaShop can be used to manage shipping details front the back officePrestaShopPrestaShop - PrestaShop also boasts a pretty advanced localization and internationalization enginePrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Lots of additional changes can be made from the PrestaShop back office settings pagePrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Static pages can also be managed via PrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - The Advanced Parameters is for admins with in-depth knowledge of PrestaShop inner-workingsPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - Site administration settings and preferences are bundled under the "Administration" tabPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - A stats module helps the admin keep track of sales and other shop metricsPrestaShopPrestaShopPrestaShop - The admin can also edit his own account detailsPrestaShop - The shop frontend is beautifully designed and very user friendlyPrestaShopPrestaShop - PrestaShop also includes a fully-working, and simple to use shopping cart widget and checkout page

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