Download Source Code Presto 0.128

Facebook is announcing that Presto with version number 0.128 is already available to download.

What is Presto ?

Presto is .

Presto is yet another of Facebook’s custom database engines, which the company has been actively using for its products and yet decided to release it as an open source product nevertheless. Presto works on multiple servers at once, being a system you usually run in cloud computing environments. This database engine is nothing more than a simple query engine, a system for quickly fetching data from multiple sources at once, without taking an eternity to do so. Written to work only on Max and Linux 64bit architectures, Presto is basically made up from two separate parts. The first and most important is the Presto “coordinator”, a central hub from where all queries are initiated, nothing more than a simple CLI. The second is the Presto “workers”, the actual query processors and data analysis units. The coordinator takes the user’s query, analyzes it, plans tasks and sends instructions to the workers, waiting for a response from each of them and then finally assembling the data in one single result. Presto is not responsible for storing any kind of data, being just a simple search engine for databases. Presto currently works with data stored with classic relational databases and NoSQL systems.

This is changelog for Presto version 0.128 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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